What You Need to Know about Skin Exfoliation

What You Need to Know about Skin Exfoliation

Even the healthiest skin can suffer during winter time. Because of the extreme cold weather, the skin may have dry patches which can be very unsightly. It is, therefore, very important to know the proper way to exfoliate dead skin in order to allow fresh and healthier skin to resurface.

Beauty expert Jennifer Walsh tells how important some beauty care products are when it comes to exfoliation. She has been working for years trying different products on her skin, checking out prices and seeing how her skin reacts. Then she tells people everything she discovers about these products.

We hear a lot about exfoliating, how often we need to do it and why we even have to do it. So how important is exfoliating for skin health? The skin can get really dry at times and dry patches will cause the skin to flake.

Exfoliating is essential. But because different people have different body types, it is important to ask the person from whom you are buying the exfoliating products whether it is good for dry skin or any skin type that you may have. Chances are, what works for another person may not have similar effects on you.

The question that you need to ask before making a decision is “What product do I need for my particular skin type?” The best time to exfoliate is before taking a shower. You can use sugar exfoliating scrub, salt scrub and other organic products. There are also those formulations that are designed to detoxify the skin at the same time

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