What You Need to Know about Moisturizer Myths

What You Need to Know about Moisturizer Myths


Most women these days have their bathrooms filled with beauty and skincare products. But what consumers don’t realize is that they are just wasting their money on products that make empty promises. This applies especially to some moisturizers. Paula Begoun, a renowned cosmetic cop, reveals some must-know facts about moisturizers.

Certain cosmetic products have been around for a long time already and it is quite astounding how many people keep on buying the same products over and over. One notion that holds no truth to it is that collagen and elastin can stick together in just one product. And those who think that these products work like dermal fillers like the ones injected by dermatologists and surgeons believe a big fat lie. Such a thing is absolutely impossible.

Another crazy thing in the cosmetic industry is putting products in crazy categories. For instance, day and night skin creams contain the same basic ingredient – antioxidants. The only difference is the sunscreen content for daytime use. The main problem with such products is that the ingredients don’t like air and they are placed in jars with lids. The wonderful ingredients easily deteriorate the moment they are exposed to air, not to mention users would have to stick their fingers to get the cream. There is also the issue of bacteria which makes the ingredients deteriorate even faster. Even with the state-of-the-art formulation of moisturizing creams, all those wonderful ingredients would still weaken no matter how pricey the product may be.

The tip is to avoid moisturizers that come in jar packaging. What consumers need to look for are the types of packing that restricts air from getting into contact with the product. By sticking to this rule, you can save yourself from buying products that don’t work as they promise.

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2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know about Moisturizer Myths

  1. Hi Romy,
    I remember my mother’s dresser, her being a product of the 40’s and 50’s, and really believing in the hype at that time, better living through chemistry, was loaded with bottles and jars, each for a different area of her face, and a different time of the day. My grandmother had beautiful skin and all she used was baby oil. I subscribe to the maxim, don’t put anything on the skin too toxic to eat. I use cold pressed olive oil and it is very nice. 
    Carolyn at Red Acne Spots

    1.  @carolynblake Hi Carolyn. Great advice, thanks for that. It is true, our grandparents have lived a much healthier life than we do nowadays. There weren’t so many cosmetic products back then, full of chemicals, everything was much more based on natural ingredients. 
      Olive oil is known as a good moisturizer. Don’t forget about Jojoba oil for oily skin. It works wonders for anyone who has problems with skin being too oily 


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