What The Experts Have To Say About Anti-Aging Routines

What The Experts Have To Say About Anti-Aging Routines

There are numerous anti-aging routines: none of them perfect. It is probably the case that human beings have sought to defy the ravages of time and the effects that this has on the body. If ever anyone does find the secret of eternal youth, the planet will very quickly get very overpopulated. It’s not something that you like to hear, but the truth is we all get old. Given the current state of scientific knowledge, there is nothing that can be done to stop the aging process. You can improve things; however, and why shouldn’t you.

As your skin ages it gets thinner, loses moisture and doesn’t renew as quickly as it once did. Your lifestyle may well have exacerbated things. Those long hot days sunbathing seemed blissful at the time but now it is taking its toll. Junk food, smoking and drinking all play there part in damaging your skin. Even smiling can give you lines you’d rather not have.

Although you can’t stop the process of aging, and although there are no perfect anti-aging routines, here are some expert top tips to slow things down.

Your Skin Care Routine Is First Last and Everything

That’s an obvious one, I know, but sometimes the obvious things get overlooked. The big question here is: where do you start? There are so many skin care products available you need the length of a small vacation just to study them all. Here’s the thing about skin care: the most important thing is to do something. You don’t have to be using the latest celebrity endorsed product. A simple cleanser is all you need.

Now here’s an important tip. Pay attention to your hands neck and eyes. They are the areas on most people that first show the signs of aging. Remember to be extra gentle around the sensitive areas of the eyes.


Do you exfoliate? You should. I don’t know whether you’ve heard this: men age more slowly because they shave. Shaving is a type of exfoliation. I’m not convinced about the tendency of men to age more slowly, but I do agree that exfoliation is good for the skin. Exfoliation freshens up the skin. There are two types of exfoliation: manual and chemical. Manual exfoliation usually involves a facial scrub. Chemical exfoliation uses topical acids or retinoids.

Face Lifts and Other Procedures

Face lifts are an option: but not for everyone. Not everyone can afford them and not everyone will wish to undergo a surgical procedure. And the truth is: a face lift is not going to prevent the aging process. This means that after you’ve had the surgery, you will still need to follow your anti-aging regimen.

A face lift is at the extreme end of invasive procedures. There are procedures that are much less invasive. For example, Botox injection, fat grafting, microdermabrasion, chemical peels  and laser skin treatments. Of course, these procedures do not come cheap.


Free radicals are responsible for causing a good deal of damage to your skin. Therefore, if you can fight the free radicals you can reduce the damage that they cause to your skin. Anti-oxidants can help prevent the damage that free radicals do to your skin. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin C is found in some common everyday foods like oranges and pomegranates.

A Healthy Lifestyle

After having good genes, this has to be the single most important anti-aging measure you can take. If you are blessed with good genes; you’re lucky. That is something that money can’t buy. However, it is within your power and your budget to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not talking here about leading the lifestyle of an ascetic. Clearly, for most people that is not on the cards and could lead to causing damage rather than promoting health. What I’m advocating here is leading a life where you eat sensibly –that’s not to say you should cut out all treats: you shouldn’t. Drink in moderation. Exercise: in moderation – it’s possible to do too much exercise. And, perhaps most importantly of all: make sure you enjoy life. Laughter will help keep you young.

Author Bio: Aiden Korr is a health expert. He loves to write about various health topics. In this article he chose to write about Anti-Ageing. He also recommends “Health experts, celebrity anti-ageing routines.” 

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