Unkown Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Unkown Beauty Secrets from Around the World

It is every woman’s dream to look like a celebrity. But not all women have enough money to spend on expensive beauty products and services that celebrities can afford to pay. But there are some beauty secrets from around the world that even ordinary women can enjoy. Jennifer Romolini, a Yahoo Shine beauty expert, shares some of the ancient beauty secrets hidden from today’s women.


One of Cleopatra’s beauty regimens is using mud from the Dead Sea. The mineral rich water mixed with the mud is actually good for bringing down redness and soothe skin inflammations. It is also excellent for purifying and solving skin dryness. Thus, products containing Dead Sea minerals such as mud masks can offer the same benefits.


Anti-aging is a big deal for Chinese women since the olden times and this has also become one of the top concerns of women these days. Chinese folks know for a fact that white tea has been proven to solve this dilemma for thousands of years. This type of tea contains an overabundance of antioxidants which are good for keeping the skin looking younger and healthier. White tea can also be used to solve skin problems like acne and sooth many other types of skin problems.


Women from India have the most beautiful and silky hair and it has something to do with coconut oil. Over the centuries, these women use coconut oil to coat their hair from roots to tips thus resulting to thicker, stronger and silkier hair.


The gorgeous women in Brazil use unlikely things like sand as natural exfoliator or in treating cellulite. They also drink carrot juice to deepen skin pigmentation. So that explains why these women are so blessed with beautifully tanned skin

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2 thoughts on “Unkown Beauty Secrets from Around the World

  1. You’re very right about the coconut oil and Indian hair. But, besides the oil, one of the other elements that make hair beautiful is Amla. It enriches hair growth and pigmentation, prevents premature graying of hair, dandruff, increases the strength of hair follicle. Basically, a small amount of Amla oil is applied to the hair after washing. This brings forth a rich, natural shine and soft texture to the hair.

    1.  @Dhara Mistry Thanks for the comment Dhara. Didn;t know about the Amla oil, I’ll have to check into it and read more about it. It seems like this would be a good product for hair loss as well. 


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