Relief for Dry Skin during Winter

Relief for Dry Skin during Winter

Winter and dry skin always go together. There are times that you may find your skin too hard to understand. You are not alone in this dilemma. A lot of other women out there have also been through the same predicament especially during the winter time.

Aside from drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, the skin needs hydrators and moisturizers to avoid skin problems during the cold weather. Here are some other things that you can try to treat dry skin:

Moisturize the skin around the lips and the eyes.

This area has a lot of sebaceous glands. So the skin around the lips show more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles during the winter.

Avoid taking too warm baths.

Warm water can actually strip the oil from the skin. So better keep the water lukewarm instead of too hot because the latter can cause more harm than good to the condition of your skin.

Normalize skin if you have a combination skin type.

It can be very challenging when you are working with two different skin types. Use pH balanced products because they are gentle and not too harsh on dry, sensitive skin.

Skip soap if you have dry skin.

Soap can be too drying during winter. Dry skin problems can occur all year long but it can get worse when the weather is cold. Look for hydrating and moisturizing cleansers. Another great tip is to use serum that contains humectants because they help the skin retain moisture.

Use good moisturizers.

The winter can be very tough to the skin. Use fragrance-free, dye-free formulations to lessen skin irritation.

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