Mission Statement

Hi there and welcome to my website – ClearSkinHQ.com

Romy - creator of clearskinhq.comMy name is Romy and I am so excited to see you here and that you’re reading these few lines which I hope will help you to understand better what this website is all about.

I have to be frank with you right from the start: I am not a medical doctor or some sort of dermatologist, I didn’t go to medical school or studied similar courses. I am just a simple person, like you, who is trying to look his best by taking care of his skin the right way.

I am 28 years old  and I used to suffer from acne when I was younger, a skin condition that made me a bit shy and afraid to socialize the way I wanted. I tried all sorts of creams and treatments and frankly I don’t even know which one worked for me, but I finally got rid of it and my skin is nice and clear now. I do get a few pimples now and then, but I am trying my best to eliminate them for good.

I have browsed the internet for many acne and pimple treatments and in my quest for the perfect remedy I told to myself that all those articles I read  and researched should be saved for later reference. So I decided to create a website where I would post videos, articles and various skin care tips which I found to be useful and informative and might help anyone who is suffering from acne or pimples.

So this is my mission statement to you: I am here to let you know of any good acne and pimples treatments I come across on the internet that I think you would benefit from.

If I find a good review for a particular product, I will make sure you find out about it. If I find a great recipe for a facial mask that will help you reduce pimples I will post it on this site and also I will try it on myself so you can have real proof if it works or not.

I will try many remedies and treatments that you find on this website so you know which ones work really good, which ones don’t work so well and which ones to avoid at all costs.

I am not going to make you buy a particular product just for the sake of me making money. I hate that as much as you do, so rest assure I won’t do anything like that. But, if I find out about a product that has worked for many people by helping them reduce acne significantly and I find it to be a quality product, I will make sure you know about it, but in the end it is your decision if you buy it or not.

I will love to hear from you from time to time so I encourage you to leave comments and tell me your opinion and thoughts about the different remedies , mask recipes and skin care tips I will post on this website.

I think that if we work together we will conquer that pesky acne once and for all.

Thanks again for reading so far and for visiting my site, and enjoy your visit.

Have a great day!


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