Is Your Skin Care Regime Making Your Acne Worse? – Guest Blog Post

Is Your Skin Care Regime Making Your Acne Worse? – Guest Blog Post

skin care regimeWhile having a good skin care regime will not get rid of cystic acne, a bad skin care regime can make it much, much worse.

But what is a good skin care regime?…

For me it is finding products that work with your skins natural balance etc, and not against it. Most over the counter (OTC) acne products contain many ingredients with one sole purpose of drying the skin.

In the next section I am going to share why OTC products especially if you are using many of them, can make your acne go out of control.

OTC Acne Products Made My Skin Worse

When my acne was mild, I decided that using many products such as benzoyl peroxide, Proactive etc would help dry up, and clear up my skin.

While it was a good start, things quickly went down hill. Not only did my skin become as dry as a desert, but my acne got worse than it had ever been.

With my skin full of cystic acne and flaking because it was extremely dry, you can imagine how I felt. My confidence was shot to pieces and my self esteem hit rock bottom.

I knew something had to change at this point. The path I was heading down was not where I wanted to go, but I had to decide what was the right path for me.

After a lot of though I decided the natural path was the correct one.

Keep It Simple

After reading many natural skin care blogs, forums etc I decided that I wanted to keep my skin care regime as basic as possible.

I was going to use natural products that would work with my skin rather than against it.

After a lot of research there where 3 main products I decided to try…

  1. Manuka Honey = Cleanser
  2. Argan Oil = Moisturizer
  3. Green Clay = Weekly mask

These are the 3 I settled on. All natural, contain only 1 ingredient, with amazing properties that would be massively beneficial in helping me achieve clear skin. I went on to name it the K.I.S.S routine.

The Results

After a few months using these 3 natural products my over-all skin condition was massively improved, and as a result my acne was improving.

Each day I would check my skin in the mirror, and it seemed each day things where getting better. Less breakouts, reduced redness, less inflamed acne.

It got to around 60% clear I would say before it stopped. I knew at that point that the rest would take more than just a good skin care regimen, but at-least at that point I knew I had a skin care regimen for acne that worked with my skin rather than against it.

Is your skin care regime working with or against your skins natural balance?


Bobby Thomas blogs about natural skin care over at Addicted Skin Care. He is currently running a “healthy habits challenge” to help people achieve clear skin & he would love you to join him over there.

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11 thoughts on “Is Your Skin Care Regime Making Your Acne Worse? – Guest Blog Post

  1. Hi there! I was wondering if there are any substitutes to these 3 ingredients? If I can’t find Manuka Honey is it okay to use regular honey for the routine?

  2. It’s really hard to find an OTC product that will do your skin justice. Some people are lucky enough to find topical products that work for them but I personally am all for an all-natural skin regimen. So thank you for posting this! I know what to buy the next time I’m in a local health store!

  3. manuka honey is very expensive but it’s highly recommended..i use apple cider vinegar and water as toner and my cleanser is cetaphil with mixture of honey..and my moisturizer is organic raw honey… ๐Ÿ™‚ this is my “KISS” u can make ur own too just make sure that it’s all natural and simple!.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    nice post anyway… ๐Ÿ™‚


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