Get Rid Of Back Acne

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Back acne, also known as “bacne”, is similar to facial acne with the only difference in body location.

In general, acne first occurs in the face and has a tendency to spread in other parts of the body later on, including the back. Males tend to experience back acne more compared to females.

Considering the location of the acne, it is a lot harder to get rid of back acne. However, it is not only caused by poor hygiene but also the result of various physiological changes happening in the body.

Severe cases of back acne develop with constant friction of the skin against clothing, excessive sweat build up from strenuous physical activity and insufficient cleaning of the back.

Tips to Get Rid of Back Acne
get rid of back acne
Back acne can affect anyone, women and men alike. Aside from medication, simple steps can be done to get rid of back acne. Observing proper hygiene can go a long way in controlling the occurrence of acne.

  • Wash regularly

Aside from the hygienic benefits of regular washing, it is also very helpful in getting rid of back acne. Wash twice each day with antibacterial soap. However, avoid excessive washing since this can only dry out and irritate the skin. Make it a point to shower after any strenuous physical activity to get rid of perspiration, one of the common factors that cause acne.


  • Exfoliate on a regular basis

Back acne worsens with dead skin cells existence. Exfoliate on a daily basis to minimize the problem. Daily exfoliation is safe considering that the skin on the back is a lot thicker than the skin on the face. There are many kinds of exfoliators that you can experiment with, like brushes, washcloths and loofahs. Take note of any irritation that may arise. Reduce the frequency of exfoliation when you notice any adverse reaction.


  • Use medicated gels or creams

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are two of the most common medicated gel and cream frequently used to treat back acne. Avoid using both at the same time because they just react negatively with each other when combined. Make it a point to check the packet instruction that comes with each product for appropriate guidance.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet

get rid of back acneA healthy lifestyle and diet can never be stressed enough when it comes to fighting all kinds of diseases.

Make it a point to include healthy foods in your daily diet, like fresh vegetables and fruits. Minimize drinking carbonated drinks, coffee and tea.

Take green tea or herbal tea as an alternative since they contain antioxidants that prevent the occurrence of acne breakout. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, like avoiding smoking and alcohol. Also try to minimize stress in your life.

Exercise can do wonders to the body and the overall well-being of a person. Try to exercise on a daily basis. This provides the skin with extra oxygen for a radiant glow. Exercise can definitely help keep your skin healthy, effectively driving acne away.

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  • Increase daily water intake

Water is known to be an essential body nourishment. It cleanses the body by eliminating the impurities of the entire system. A healthy daily water intake should not go lower than 1.5 liters. Water is considered to be the easiest and simplest remedy for back acne.


  • Keep fabrics clean

Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels and clothes – anything that touches the back need to be washed on a regular basis. Bacteria which is the main culprit for back acne, easily gets attracted to dirty materials. Do your laundry more often. Also use hypoallergenic fabric softeners and detergents to avoid the risk of irritation.


  • Seek professional help

For severe cases of back acne, your best alternative is to seek professional help. A dermatologist should be able to offer you with the most effective alternative available to get rid of back acne for good.


Just like facial acne, patience and time is necessary to remove acne from your back and shoulder. Most likely, you will need to experiment with different body acne treatments before you will the one that is suitable for you. Severe cases and back acne breakout needs to be consulted to a dermatologist. Always remember to exercise proper caution in trying different solutions to get rid of back acne.

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