Dead Simple Way to Determine Your Skin Tone

Dead Simple Way to Determine Your Skin Tone

Dabbling in makeup is a rite of passage for some, and a necessity for others. People suffering from bad skin due to hormonal outbreak, environmental allergies, stress, and other factors often turn to makeup to help hide the blemishes while in the process of healing their skin.

Makeup, considered a frivolous and fun way to dress up the face, or enhance your look, may be essential for some. However, picking the right tone of foundation is very important if you’re trying to cover up a multitude of blemishes; pick the wrong one and you could draw even more attention to problem areas. Even makeup mavens who have more products than can fit on a counter top may not know the basics of figuring out the right colors for your face.

This infographic from Fair and Flawless shows you simple ways to figure out whether you’re a warm or a cool tone, and what colors suit your skin best. It also goes one step further by breaking out the standard warm and cool tones into “seasons,” by taking hair color into consideration.

Makeup should hide minor imperfections while enhancing your natural beauty. Picking the right tone of foundation for your skin and the right colors to wear on your eyes and lips can help draw attention to features that you want to be noticed.

Learn more about colors for your skin tone below.


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