Acne Scars Remedies

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Acne is a very common skin disease that plagues men and women alike. It typically manifests itself during puberty, but could still be experienced later on life.

Acne may appear in the face, back, chest and neck. Mild acne, like whiteheads and blackheads, can easily heal with little or no evidence; however, severe cases tend to form scars because of the skin tissues damaged.

A lot of people have experienced the latter which makes acne scars remedies a hit everywhere. Everyone wants a solution to their acne scar problem. This is the reason why products and books which offer such solution is always a hit.


Causes of Acne Scars

acne-scars-remedies pictureThere are so many contributing factors that cause acne scars and there are also many home remedies available to solve the problem. Anyone can develop scars if the problem is not dealt with immediately. Listed below are the most common causes of acne scars.

  • Genetics

Genetics play a role when it comes to the development of acne scars in a person. It will also determine the tendency of acne development and sensitivity of a person’s skin to scarring.

  • Inflammation

As the inflammation becomes more severe, pressure also begins to build up in the acne wound. It has a tendency to rupture the walls of the follicle. As a result, sebum oil, bacteria and pus are spilled into the tissue’s surrounding area. At this stage, the acne wound should have progressed to a nodule or cyst. Depending on the severity of the damage, a scar tissue could start to form itself around the wound.


  • Loss of Tissues and Collagen

When the skin tissue is damaged because of acne, a new collagen starts to develop. Collagen is considered as a very essential protein which gives the skin shape and flexibility. However, excessive collagen production resulting from acne damage can result to raised scars.

  • Picking

The chances of acne scars developing is increased when you pick on your acne. Aside from this, picking on the acne could also lead to serious infections and worsening your condition in the process.

  • Bacteria

Bacteria development is one of the main culprits of acne. As whiteheads and blackheads are formed, the acne-causing bacteria begin to multiply. When the follicle gets blocked, that is the time when pus and inflammation start to occur, which is the how scar tissue begins to form.

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Acne Scars Treatment

With the constant development of modern technology, more acne scars remedies are made available. Listed below are the most common treatment used to remove acne scars.

  • Natural treatment and topical creams

There is a broad variety of natural products which are considered effective acne scars treatments. Compared to other types of remedies, these may take quite some time before the desired effect can be seen. However, they are still recognized as the efficient and inexpensive alternative.

  • Laser surgery

Depending on the severity of the acne scars, laser surgery may be advised by the dermatologist. This is considered to be among the best options when it comes to remedies for acne scars, the most popular as well. However, not everyone can afford this alternative because it is quite expensive.

Laser treatment involves the removal of the skin’s top layer. What follows is the tightening of underlying layers to eliminate scar tissue. Among all acne scars effective treatments, laser surgery is considered to be the most advanced treatment option.

  • Micro-dermabrasion

This is one of the simpler methods of acne scars remedies which don’t necessarily require the participation of a dermatologist. Professionals in salons and skin care clinics can perform micro-dermabrasion using special equipment for such purpose.  However, this process still needs to be done by someone with sufficient experience and knowledge to guarantee safety and success.

  • Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to prevent acne scar formation. These fillers are acquired from collagen, polyethyl-mathacrylate microspheres, hyaluronic acid, fat and other derivatives.

  • Home remedies

There are various home remedies which can be used to treat acne scar. These can be found right at the comfort of your own kitchen. The only thing you need to do is blend these remedies and use them as face mask.

These are just some of the most effective acne scars treatments that are available for you. In choosing the most suitable option, one key factor you need to consider is your budget. Always remember that any acne treatment which involves modern medicine and technology are a lot more expensive compared to natural and organic cures.

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  1. Homemade acne scar remedies are my favorite treatment option coz they’re so accessible (and cheap too!). Aloe Vera, Honey and Olive Oil are the main ingredients I use for my acne scars 🙂

  2. Cool. I didn’t know that genetics played a role in the causes of acne scars.. I guess I have to blame my mom for her sensitive skin.. She easily scars and so do I..

  3. I agree with the acne scars causes mentioned in this article. It’s very hard not to pick or scratch on your acne, it’s very tempting. I think that’s what caused my acne scars in the first place. I only use over-the-counter creams for my scars I didn’t know there are many other options until I read this LOL so thanks


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